This text-based game covers themes and has scenes of violence that are not suited for individuals under the age of 18

Welcome to 'Rite of Passage', If you guys enjoyed this; please give my website and socials a browse! This is just the beginning of this project and sticking to my website and socials will keep you up-to-date on how it develops. :D 

'Travelling in Pieces'
is set 10 years after the world is ravaged by a cybernetic army. Flena, an Icie and outlaw in the Kindal region,  must survive not only the foreign land, but her mind. She is soon accompanied by Ty, another Icie who offers his help. Why he wants to help her isn't fully revealed, but Flena doesn't have much of a choice.

This is a quest from 'Travelling in Pieces' entitled 'Rite of Passage' introduces Flena to Ty;  giving readers just a small taste of the scale of the world and the adventures hiding within this sprawling land.

Instagram: Anousiemay
Twitter: ParkerAnniemay

Artwork is by the lovely Symeona Kanellou (IG: Symeona.kanellou)

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